The competition, realized in cooperation with Dohnanyi Orchestra, Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra Filarmonica Campana, Varna Opera, is open to musicians of any nationality without age limits.

The application period starts on December the 1st 2020 and ends March the 3rd 2021.

The jury is made by conductors, intendants and agents representatives of the following institutions: G. Verdi Conservatoire, Milan; Opéra de Nice; Orchestra of the Americas; Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra; Filarmonica della Campania; Varna Opera; Dohnanyi Orchestra.

The competition will be held exclusively online.

The awards consist in prizes in cash and concerts in Europe.


    The competition is structured in two main phases, ELIMINATORY phase and FINAL phase;

1.1 The ELIMINATORY phase starts on December the 1st 2020 and ends on March the 3rd 2021 and consists on the examination of videos and CVs;

1.2 The FINAL will take place from March the 17th 2021 until March the 31nd 2021 and consists on the examination of videos;

Please check Appendix A at the bottom of the page for details regarding the videos;


2.1 The jury will examine the videos with a focus on the abilities of the conductor, not on the quality of the orchestra;

2.2 The evaluation will only consider the skills and the musical talent of the conductor, without considering the nature or the quality of the orchestra (or ensemble) playing, in other words it will be judged the attitude of the conductor to obtain the best result with the available ensemble;


3.1 pieces from any historical period, with any kind of ensemble both vocal or instrumental are admitted;

  1. JURY

4.1 the jury will be composed by the following members:

Vittorio Parisi (President of the jury), Italy
G. Verdi Conservatoire, Milan

Fréderic Deloche, France
Opéra de Nice

Davide La Bòllita, Italy
State Opera Varna

Anna Duczmal – Mróz, Poland
Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of the National Polish Radio

Gábor Hollerung, Hungary
Chief Conductor, Dohnanyi Orchestra

Giulio Marazia, Italy
Orchestra Filarmonica Campana

Diego Naser, Uruguay
Orchestra of the Americas

Cristian Orosanu, Romania
Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra



Money prize of €1.500.00 in cash

A production with Varna State Opera in Varna;

A concert with Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina in Italy;

A concert with Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra in Romania;


Money prize of €1.000.00 in cash

A concert with Orchestra Filarmonica Campana in Italy;


Money prize of €500.00 in cash


A concert with Dohnanyi Orchestra in Budapest to be assigned to one of the participants admitted to the Final;

The jury has faculty to chose one or more conductors to be recommended to be invited as guest conductor by the Orchestra of the Americas in 2021/2022 season.


6.1 to get registered the contestants must send the following documents exclusively by email:

– filled in and signed application form
– copy of a valid ID document
– curriculum Vitae
– link to the videos
– 1 candidate’s choice picture
– payment receipt of the application fee

6.2 the documents must be sent by 11:59 P.M. (Midnight) gmt March the 3rd 2021 to



7.1 The application fee consists in € 130 to be paid through bank transfer, Paypal or credit card (through Paypal);

7.2 data for the payment:

IBAN: IT28 S061 7501 4250 0000 3159 480

Account holder: Associazione Culturale Music Master (please make sure that the bank expenses are to be charged to the payer);



8.1 the competition is a media event that will be recorded and broadcasted on the web and other media, submitting their application the competitors authorize the direction of the competition to the use of their image either through photographs and audio / video that can be broadcasted via radio, television and other media (internet, etc.);

8.2 submitting their application the candidates also authorize the organization to use their name and image in printed publications related to the competition;

8.3 the organization expects that candidates are available for interviews, photo shoots, and any other activity designed to make the competition interesting for the media;

8.4 the application and participation fee will not be refunded for any reason, except for the cancellation of the competition; for any legal dispute the competent forum is Genova’s.


A.1 the videos aim is to illustrate to the jury the candidate’s skills and technique and will be analyzed together with the CV’s in order to have the most accurate opinion on candidate’s abilities;

A.2 for the eliminatory phase the candidates have attach links to two videos of a performance of two contrasting character pieces (for example one Allegro and one Adagio or a Romance and a Cabaletta) from any historical period; no more than two videos are allowed, in case the candidate will send more than two videos the jury will evaluate only the first two in the list;

A.3 two contrasting movements of the same piece are allowed; in case of a scene of opera the contrasting sections in the scene can be considered as different pieces;

A.4 For the Final phase the selected candidates have to send one new video, different form the ones sent before, at his/her choice;

Videos must have the following features:

A.5 each video has to be at least 5 minutes long;

A.6 videos must be played in streaming mode (videos don’t have to be downloaded);

A.7 videos can be private or public as long as they can be seen by the entire jury without any restrictions;

A.8 the candidates must send one link for each video;

A.9 no specific streaming platform is required, any of the most common are permitted (for example Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku etc.) however the video should be played by an ordinary computer running a Windows or a Mac system;

A.10 the jury will be watching at least a few minutes of each video in order to be able to make a proper evaluation;

We are glad to announce the results of the first Hans von Buelow International Conducting Competition

Mr. Vizireanu Vlad: 1st prize

Wins Euro 1500, a concert with State Opera Varna, a concert with Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina and a concert with Brasov Philharmonic

Mr. Vrabec Ondřej: 2nd prize

Wins Euro 1000, a concert with Orchestra Filarmonica Campana and the special prize consisting in a concert with Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok

Mr. Yoon Hankyeol and Mr. Qian Junping, 3rd prize ex-aequo consisting in Euro 500 each